JSPTR Board Members

Joel Robert Thompson 

He is involved in JSPTR because he is passionate about research and is focusing his DPT education on developing research skills and his research career.  His research interest is primarily focused on ankylosing Spondylitis and other autoimmune disorders.  He received a BA from the University of North Carolina and an MA from Rutgers.  He comes to PT after studying Viking Age history and his first experience with academic journals is publishing one of the first English translations of the Old Norse “The Tale of Norna-gest” In Rutgers University’s graduate literary journal: Exit 9.  He is a former NCAA division 1 fencer and fencing coach and is also the vocalist of a local Raleigh, NC metal band. 

Editorial Team:

Pod Correspondence Team:

Yuan Zhuang

She joins the Journal of Student Physical Therapy Research because she believes that providing evidence-based care is essential as a health care provider. She is passionate about promoting and advocating for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Physical Therapy profession. She believes the education and training on diversity, equity, and inclusion that healthcare professionals receive can affect patients’ accessibility to healthcare and their treatment outcomes as well as the quality of care they receive.  Outside of school she likes to do weight training and running on trails to refresh herself and reduce stress. She also likes to watch movies and TV shows when time is permitted to simply zone out and relax. 

Publishing Team:

Sarah Bailey

She got involved with JSPTR because she enjoys reading research and learning about new topics in the literature. Her primary research interest is in pediatric intervention because it is a future field of interest. She is currently involved in 5xSTS biomechanical research. She received her BS in Exercise Science and a minor in psychology from Appalachian State. Outside of school she enjoys working out, coaching youth cheerleading, and spending time with her husband.

Recruitment and Social Media Team:

Amy DeNeal

She joins the JSPTR because she believes in the importance of promoting student research. Her research interests include Parkinson’s disease and other neurological disorders. She is currently working on research focused on fall risk prevention in Parkinson’s disease. She received her BS in Exercise Science from the University of Kentucky. She enjoys working with others and utilizing social media to spread awareness to a larger population. Outside of school she enjoys reading and going on hikes.

Technology Team:

Savannah Henry

She joined the Journal of Student Physical Therapy Research because of her belief that research is the foundation of physical therapy. She hopes to promote new research to help others. Her research interests include both adult and pediatric neurological disorders. She is currently working on research focused on fall risk prevention in Parkinson's Disease. She received her BS in Independent Study from Western Carolina University. In her free time, she enjoys exploring local coffee shops and going on urban adventures. She hopes to pursue a physical therapy career in the mountains of North Carolina near her alma mater.