What is JSPTR? 
The JSPTR is an open access, peer-viewed on-line journal encompassing all aspects of clinical and basic research studies related to physical therapy. JSPTR's mission is to encourage student collaboration in advancing the profession by developing evidence-based research. JSPTR began in 2008 at Elon University by Dr. Randall Lazicki and Dr. Stephen Bailey, as a venue for physical therapy students to participate in the journal process. Today, JSPTR is managed entirely by Elon DPT students under the supervision of a faculty member. 
What is a reviewer? What is a Pod? 
As a reviewer, you will be joining a pod (reviewer team), which is made up of 3-7 students. These students can all be from your program or programs from across the country. Your Pod will be responsible for reviewing recently submitted articles and determining if they meet the criterion for publishing. Your Pod will have a deadline of 2 weeks to complete the review process. 
What is the time commitment for a reviewer? 
The time commitment can vary depending on the number of articles we receive and how many pods we have available. Typically, we say ~20 mins/month 

What is the duration of the position? 
As a reviewer, the minimum duration is a year, but you can choose to stay on until you graduate from your DPT program. 

How do I apply to be a reviewer? 
-Click on the home tab. This will take you to the home page scroll to the bottom to the heading "Want        to get involved? Join a Pod!"  
-Under the heading click on "Contact Pod Coordinator Board Member" 
-That will take you to a contact page where you can fill out your information and you're done! 

What categories of Manuscripts do you accept? 
We accept Research Reports, Case Reports, Case Studies, Case Series, Literature Reviews. For more information on each category please go to our Contribute Tab.