Volume 9:5          Published: August 3, 2018

Chronic Post-Surgical Pain as a Limiting Factor of Functional Improvement in a Patient with Tibial Adamantinoma: A Case Report. Kaitlyn Timm ATC, LAT.

Evaluation of Asymmetry in Lower Limbs of Roller Derby Athletes. Erica Cheramie, SPT; Alex Bonner, SPT; Ashley Henderson, SPT; Brittany Battle, SPT; Ashley Eye, SPT; Jennifer Bunn, PhD, EP-C.

Physical Therapy Management of a Patient Post Burn Injury Complicated by Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome: A Case Report. Ashton Duncan, SPT, Kate Alexander, PT, Deborah Wendland. PT, DPT, PhD, CPed.

Individualized exercise program for lower back pain in a person with moderately advanced multiple sclerosis: A case study. Joshua Lathrop, SPT, Grant Poston, SPT, Breanna Reynolds, PT, DPT, FAAOMPT, Melissa Peterson, PT, PhD, GCS, Brenda Pratt, PT, DSc, PCS. 

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Volume 9:4          Published: April 25, 2018

Acute Care Physical Therapy Intervention for a Patient Who Presented Post-Op Right Total Hip and Right Total Knee Arthroplasty: A Case Report. Jason Berlongieri, SPT, Roberta O’Shea, PT, DPT, Ph.D., Robin Washington, PT, Ph.D., CRC, Dale Schuit, PT, Ph.D., MS.

Virtual Reality Treadmill Training for Improving Balance and Gait in Individuals with Chronic Stroke: A Systematic Review. Cara J. Kernoschak, Mary E. Miceli, Ava M. Morabito, Courtney L. Wheeler, Gabriele Moriello PT, PhD, Brittany Simpson, PT, DPT.

A Case Report: The Role of Physical Therapy in Improving Gait, Strength, and Balance in a Female Patient with Wilson’s Disease. Sarah Chancellor, SPT, Angel Holland, PT, DPT, GCS.

Effect of Rocktape on Upper Quarter Posture. Kelsi Bennett, ATC, SPT; Zach Gove, SPT, CSCS; Mike Nezworski, SPT; William Streck, SPT; Rachael Wauer, SPT; Janice K. Loudon, PT, PhD, SCS, ATC, CSCS.

Low Back Injuries in Women’s Gymnastics: An Exploration into the Role of the Physical Therapist. Hallie Mossman, SPT; Leah Lowe, DPT, PhD, PCS; William D. Bandy, PT, PhD, SCS; Charlotte Yates, PT, PhD, PCS.

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Volume 9:3          Published December 16, 2017

Evidence-based upper extremity program 26 years post-stroke: A case report. Francesca Romeo,PT,DPT, Anna Gray,PT,DPT, Danielle Trias,PT,DPT, Nicole Milad,PT,DPT, Chanel Cohen,PT,DPT,ATC, Jennifer Escobido,PT,DPT, Laura Z. Gras,PT,DPT,DSc,GCS.

Management of Left Knee Pain in a Worker’s Compensation Setting: A Retrospective Case Report. Kevin James B.A., SPT; Dale Schuit PT, Ph.D., MS; David Diers Ed.D., MHS, PT, ATC; Roberta Kuchler O’Shea PT, Ph.D.

The Effects of Myofascial Release Technique on the Latency of Delayed-onset Muscle Soreness. Caleb Dodd, DPT1; Kenneth Paz, DPT1; Michael Piazza, DPT1; Joseph Potesta, DPT1; Kayla Weiser, DPT1; Corrie Mancinelli PT, PhD, GCS1; Jean L McCrory, PhD1; D. Scott Davis, PT, MS, EdD, OCS2.

The Use of the Physical Stress Theory in the Care of a Patient Recovering from Necrotizing Fasciitis. Laura James, SPT; Deborah M. Wendland, PT, DPT, PhD, CPed.

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Volume 9:2          Published October 12, 2017

Rehabilitation Following SLAP Repair in the Overhead Athlete: A Case Report. Ashley Pearsall, SPT; Bill Andrews, PT, MS, EdD, NCS.

Manual Physical Therapy and Exercise for Neck Pain and Cervicogenic Headache: A Case Report. Jaclyn Christofilos, SPT.

Effects of Dynamic Balance Training and Progressive Ambulation on Functional Mobility in an Individual with Vaccine-Associated Guillain-Barre Syndrome: A Case Report. Sarah Rodgers, PT, DPTA. Williams Andrews, PT, MS, EdD, NCS.

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